We engineer intelligent products

With clear data, the right technology, and good process, teams and organizations can develop products that allow them to evolve, scale and transform in any environment.
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Our method

We believe in tech done right. We have invested in countless engineering practices, tools, processes and tested the newest technologies for over a decade. Our methodology has proven to be successful.


No project is the same. We handpick teams to your unique needs, bringing the right people, with the right skills, and the right processes to your project.


Real-time insight at your fingertips. Delivery dashboard to follow project status, KPIs, outcome fulfillment, engineering effectiveness, and release summary.

Continuously improving

Continuously refining and improving engineering processes to build on momentum and continue to catalyze every part of the solution for the greatest results possible.


We design and develop tests for every functionality of what your product will do. We ensure full 100% test coverage, secure infrastructure, incremental refactoring and code reviews, and automated testing at multiple layers of your system.


360° Holistic approach to product development. An assessment is performed to get a birds eye-view into your current system capabilities and implemented into your product goals and product roadmap.

Quick feedback loops

Frequent releases ensures feedback happens quickly and often in order to drive the product towards your current goals and future mission.
Partners in Engineering

We team up with the world's leading solution providers who share our obsession for engineering software that empowers organizations with the highest-quality digital products and experiences.


Better product decisions with continuous discovery.

We conduct customer-centric discovery during product development to unearth three most critical factors shared by successful products: Desirability, Viability, and Feasibility.

Initial discovery to release

Small projects 1-2 weeks
Medium projects 2-3 weeks
Large projects 3-4 weeks


User Journey Map
Solution prioritization scorecard
Outcome oriented roadmap
Customer feedback portal
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Next steps

Discovery never ends. It's continuous to de-escalate risk and drive product impact. We gather feedback, iterate, and release at a consistent pace. Expect documented release notes and future release expectations.


A proven approach to tech done right

Building foundational software of tomorrow, today. We leverage the Double Diamond approach to build flexible, resilient, high-velocity, and of the highest-quality digital products.
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  • Current system assessment
  • User Story mapping
  • Outcome oriented roadmap
  • Cost-benefit & risk analysis
  • Prototyping & design
  • Release planning

Engineer, Test, Optimize

  • Backlog refinement and sprint planning
  • Test - driven development
  • Continuous Integration pipeline
  • Code reviews & defect triage
  • User testing & acceptance
  • Security fundamentals & testing


  • Feature release
  • User feedback loop
  • Continuous delivery
  • Release notes & updated documentation
  • Performance monitoring & status reports
  • Next release prep & metric re-alignment

Your system is constantly evolving and optimizing

Your customers and users expect high quality and personalized experiences. We continually work to reduce risk in production, respond to real user feedback to meet changing expectations and market demands, and optimize in the background.

Small and frequent releases

We use trunk-based development, which allow us to build and merge small, frequent feature updates to continuously test, deploy, validate and apply feedback execution loop. Quickly releasing optimized portions of your product into the users hands.

Real-time user behavior and feedback

Do users feel we are solving their pain points? Is the product performing as expected? Customer-centric development enables prioritization around actual value and impact to your users, removing the guess work.

Optimizing continuously

We help develop a product mindset to drive continuous improvement, and ensure your product scales and grows automatically and intelligently.  

A SaaS-platform feel with a human twist

Part of joining the Spark Equation community means your product software has a lifetime warranty of support, management, and maintenance. We are always on-call, ready, and in the know of what's going on in your internal systems. And if you ever choose to transition from our team to yours, we offer several flexible models to ensure a smooth and stable transition.


Product performance and metric dashboards are created to monitor the product in real-time. If your company goals ever change, or you need to pivot in times of uncertainty, we are here to advise, strategize, and help you plan for the road ahead.


We handle full product maintenance, with continuous security testing, performance reviews, and live monitoring (+fixes!) to keep your product running it's best user experience 24/7.

Knowledge transfer

We develop a transition and knowledge transfer plan to fully move all development to your team. During the transfer, we are continuously helping you and your team get up to speed and feel fully comfortable before completing the transition. We are also here for training and engineering support.

Hybrid transition

While some partners choose to transition delivery to their team, others choose a hybrid model. When transition is complete, the client team focuses on maintenance and support, while Spark Equation continues to evolve the product in the background with reduced monthly costs.

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