We engineer with impact

With clear data, the right technology, and good process, teams and organizations can develop products that allow them to evolve, scale and transform in any environment.
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Digital Products

We create foundational digital products that drive real, measurable business value. And we do it while building a robust tech-enabled business core, putting you confidently on the road to what comes next.

About Spark Equation

Spark Equation is a full-service software engineering and strategy consulting firm focused on modernizing technology for small and medium sized businesses, re-imagining business-to-tech processes, and developing data-driven digital products.  

Our mission is to transform organizations into forward looking digital powerhouses with agile innovative solutions. 

At Spark, we virtualize where your product stands, where it's headed, and the possible solutions that can get it where it needs to go. We offer data-driven and proven engineering and delivery methods, testing, security, software quality, product expertise and vertical domain knowledge to successfully deliver foundational software of tomorrow, today.

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What makes Spark Equation a powerful partner

Producing a lasting competitive edge depends on your organizations ability to power decisions on the operational front lines and recapture those decisions back into your product to allow for continuous improvement. Spark Equation enhances your impact and market capability by engineering connected "ecosystems" that constantly talk, improve, and compound upon one another to enable your product to thrive in diverse market environments.

Have a birds-eye view into your entire product lifecycle from idea to market position made simple and clear. Data and engineering has never been so easy. Leverage deep expertise and cutting edge tech to truly build connected, intelligent, and forward looking products.

Why product teams choose Spark

  • Challenge specific senior engineers and consultants working on solutions
  • Robust engineering, proven practices, and partner ecosystem
  • Outcome-driven solutions that matter most and built for long-term success
  • Quality, cost-efficiency, and security baked into solutions with lifetime-warranty
Partners in Engineering

We team up with the world's leading solution providers who share our obsession for engineering software that empowers organizations with the highest-quality digital products and experiences.

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