Streamlining the Supply Chain Lifecycle with System Integrations

Spark Team
January 31, 2023
3 min read

Echo Global Logistics is a leading provider of transportation and logistics services, specializing in truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, air freight, and international shipping. Echo partnered with Spark Equation to integrate Project44, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that uses cloud-based freight APIs with Salesforce to optimize their delivery operations and enhance the customer experience across North America and international air. This integration project enabled Echo to automate the entire truck-load lifecycle while proactively tracking all types of trucks and air freight through carriers and telematics/ELD device integrations. Through our partnership, Echo was able to improve its fleet management capabilities as well as expedite its shipment lifecycle significantly.

  • Reduction in operational costs by 40%
  • Tested new technologies and concepts for product innovation, with a 15% profit margin growth
  • Metric-driven development led to a 20% higher NPS score
  • Baked cost-efficiency into the solution while enabling increased productivity within teams

The supply chain and logistics sector is undergoing a massive transformation. E-commerce has significantly reduced the average haul distance, customers expect rapid last-mile delivery services, while the amount of freight surpasses truck capacity limits. Truck owner-operators and carriers needed solutions that reduced costly deadhead miles driven with empty loads and shippers looked to increase operational efficiency and transparency in the supply chain lifecycle.

Echo sought to solve this pain with system integrations to instantly connect shippers and 3rd party logistics companies (3PLs) to transportation capacity, and easily quote, book, ship, live track, and pay, eliminating repetitive workflows and providing an efficient and automated end-to-end truck-to-load services.


To adapt to rapid change, Echo modernized their product, core operational systems and infrastructure. Building digital solutions to increase operational efficiency, cost-efficiency, scalability, and easily connect future features meant they needed to refocus and integrate their systems to leverage future technologies. The project was also structured and designed to save time and money for future development needs. The new system architecture easily scales to demand, allows customizations and reduces maintenance. The additional layer of automation provided increased profits, decreased admin expenses, and enhanced customer satisfaction for all users of the logistics product.

The Spark team worked in collaboration to design a modern infrastructure and seamlessly integrate systems into existing processes and automate decision frameworks with high information visibility on assets, pricing, and ratings. Our solution improves the clients supply chain partnerships and helps them meet emerging user needs, while staying agile, and receptive to the continuing changes in the market. Alleviating integration hurdles and modernizing their logistics product gave them a competitive advantage and boosted their profits. The integration enabled Echo to calculate accurate delivery dates, complete delivery faster, quote customers with ease and offer real-time tracking visibility. This streamlined the supply chain lifecycle for both Echo’s customers and internal teams by reducing manual operations overhead, giving them more time to focus on developing new products and services.

Freight APIs are a foundation in the logistics industry. Their capabilities generate limitless opportunities for supply chains to run dynamic, transparent and proactive operations.

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Spark Team
31 Jan 2023
3 min read