Becoming a More Efficient Engine for Growth with Improved System Integrations

Spark Team
July 23, 2020
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Setting out to solve staffing pain points and transform the way people work, one company recently transitioned from an on-demand staffing business to a workforce technology organization. Their hyperfocus on worker empowerment encouraged their shift to a new operating system that integrated client functions and new service deliveries. Spark Equation assisted our partner in their transition while streamlining their client's operations in their new SaaS platform, Deploy.

  • Digital onboarding created
  • Worker onboarding time decreased
  • Seamless integrations between two platforms
  • Increased competitive advantage

API & System Integrations | AWS- Based Microservices Architecture | DevOps/ DevSecOps | Integration Strategy & Consulting | Mobile App Development

Company Overview

Shiftgig, a Chicago based company, focuses on empowering people to find local employment opportunities that fit their lifestyles, schedules, and career objectives. As a more actionable alternative to Linkedin, Shiftgig's mobile platform is a professional networking community that serves to bring on-demand hourly workers and employers together. The local workforce company also assists staffing firms and organizations in optimizing and repurposing their workforce by developing new skills and increasing retention while delivering powerful business agility.

The situation

New workers are constantly applying to staffing agencies who are Powered by Shiftgig. Shiftgig has a straightforward process for browsing and claiming available shifts; however, if a worker has a difficult time getting hired by a staffing agency, potential candidates become discouraged to continue further. Our partner wanted to ensure that the onboarding process with their staffing agency partners was simple, and more importantly, able to be done digitally instead of manual, in-person paperwork. With that initiative, Shifting wanted to integrate Deploy by Shiftgig into WorkBright, which is a digital employee onboarding solution. This integration would solve a key challenge for their clients - talent acquisition, especially in today's job market. By integrating these two platforms, the resulting product would make it easier to apply and get hired through digital channels. Agencies will attract more workers, especially those who are very savvy with technology like Millennials and Gen Z. From the worker perspective, Shiftgig wanted to make the process as frictionless as possible so that workers can apply with an agency in their industry, get hired, and start claiming shifts through the platform directly. They needed the integration done quickly, and with a team that deeply understands the business case to build something that will seamlessly integrate and scale with their business.

The solution

Spark Equation led the integration between two staffing solutions to enhance a powerful marketplace software platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to match workers with assignments based on their skills and expertise. The platform allows workers to select and build their schedules with increased flexibility while being encouraged to develop new skills and expand their opportunities for more assignments.

Our approach to engineering this solution was centered around tailored APIs and API integrations to effortlessly infuse the two staffing capabilities into one fully functioning and adaptable product, ready to be incorporated into any clients' current tech stack or process flow. We designed this solution to enable our partner to grow as their platform grew, adopt as they gain more workers, and be agile no matter what changes in the future. Our goal was to develop a strategically aligned product with an AWS-based microservice architecture because of its dynamic capabilities and continuous delivery.

The result

Shiftgig wanted to expand as a company and hone in on their mission to empower workers with choice and flexibility by developing an insights-driven platform. By partnering with Spark Equation, they could access on-demand strategy consulting and solve technical challenges that arose during development without slowing down their internal team. Spark Equation's engineering unit, Equation Labs, was able to bring Shiftgig one step closer to creating its staffing ecosystem and reaching their company mission.

The new SaaS platform allowed the client to significantly decrease the time to onboard new workers and pick up shifts. It streamlined the new-hire process internally at staffing agencies and eliminated the need for in-person onboarding and manual paperwork. Shiftgig wanted to get people to work faster, and the integration with WorkBright helped make that happen!

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31 Jan 2023
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