2023 Supply Chain Outlook: Expert Advice on Thriving in Times of Change

Supply chain professionals faced unprecedented upheavals over the past several years. A confluence of events from the pandemic to geopolitical tensions caused significant, ongoing disruption to supply chains across the globe.

Many questions remain. For starters, will 2023 continue to be a chaotic year for supply chains? How can companies adapt to not only survive but to thrive amidst shifting conditions?

We sought perspectives from four supply chain experts with decades of experience on topics such as:

  • The key differences that led to some companies outperforming others during the pandemic.
  • Trends we’ll likely see in 2023 and beyond—and how to respond to them.
  • The technical solutions and process changes required to deal with an uncertain global supply chain.

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Meet the Contributors.

Founder & CEO of Spark Equation
Managing Partner at Tata Consultancy Services
Partner at KPMG

Associate Partner at Deloitte Portugal